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Oct 15, 2023


Welcome to Bluestar Coffee, your premier destination for ordering coffee online in Ireland. We understand the importance of a good cup of coffee and strive to bring you the finest selection of coffee products and accessories. Whether you're a coffee enthusiast, a busy professional, or a coffee shop owner, we have everything you need to satisfy your caffeine cravings.

About Bluestar Coffee

Bluestar Coffee is a reputable business specializing in providing high-quality coffee products to customers across Ireland. With our expertise in the home & garden, furniture stores, and kitchen & bath categories, we have curated a wide range of premium coffee blends, brewing equipment, and coffee accessories to enhance your coffee experience.

Premium Coffee Blends

At Bluestar Coffee, we take pride in offering an extensive selection of premium coffee blends sourced from the finest coffee regions around the world. From aromatic Arabica beans to bold Robusta blends, we have something to suit every taste preference. Our experienced roasters ensure that each batch is perfectly roasted to bring out the unique flavors and enticing aromas of our coffee.

Single-Origin Coffees

If you appreciate the distinct flavors of coffee from specific regions, our single-origin coffees are perfect for you. Experience the delicate floral notes of Ethiopian coffee, the earthy richness of Sumatran coffee, or the balanced sweetness of Colombian coffee. We source directly from the farms to ensure fair trade practices and support sustainable coffee production.

Signature Blends

For those who prefer a well-crafted blend, our signature blends deliver a harmonious fusion of flavors. Indulge in the smooth and chocolatey notes of our house blend or awaken your senses with our bold espresso blend. Our expertise in coffee blending ensures that each cup is a delightful experience.

Brewing Equipment and Accessories

To help you create the perfect cup of coffee at home, we offer a wide range of brewing equipment and accessories. Whether you prefer the simplicity of a French press, the convenience of a drip coffee maker, or the precision of a pour-over setup, we have you covered. Explore our selection of grinders, filters, and other accessories to complete your coffee setup.

Coffee Brewing Methods

Discover the art of coffee brewing with our comprehensive guide on various brewing methods. From the classic French press to modern espresso machines, we provide step-by-step instructions to help you extract the most flavor from your coffee beans. Learn about water temperature, grind size, and brewing time to unlock the full potential of your favorite coffee blends.

Coffee Accessories

Elevate your coffee experience with our range of accessories. From stylish coffee mugs to insulated travel tumblers, we have the perfect vessel to enjoy your coffee on the go. Explore our collection of milk frothers, coffee scoops, and storage containers to enhance your coffee preparation and storage.

Why Choose Bluestar Coffee?

When it comes to ordering coffee online in Ireland, Bluestar Coffee stands out for several reasons:

Quality and Freshness

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality coffee. Our beans are carefully sourced, roasted in small batches, and packed fresh to ensure maximum flavor and freshness in every cup.

Wide Selection

With our extensive range of coffee blends, brewing equipment, and accessories, you have the freedom to explore and find the perfect options that suit your taste preferences and brewing style.


Ordering coffee online from Bluestar Coffee is simple and convenient. Browse our website, select your desired products, and have them delivered straight to your doorstep. No need to waste time searching for specialty stores when we have everything you need in one place.

Expert Advice

We are not just an online retailer; we are coffee enthusiasts who are passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise with our customers. If you have any questions or need assistance, our friendly team is always ready to provide expert advice and recommendations.


Bluestar Coffee is your trusted partner for ordering coffee online in Ireland. With our commitment to quality, wide selection of premium coffee products, and unmatched convenience, we are here to elevate your coffee experience. Visit our website at bluestarcoffee.eu and explore our offerings today.

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Artem Zhernokleyev
Love the convenience of ordering coffee online from Bluestar Coffee! Can't wait to try their selection. ☕👌
Nov 8, 2023
John Henry
Great choice! Enjoy your coffee! ☕👍
Nov 7, 2023
Franklin Ankomah
Just placed my order for a coffee bundle! ☕ Can't wait for it to arrive! 🚚
Oct 28, 2023
Sara Salem
Great selection and easy ordering!
Oct 25, 2023
Lisa Waddell
Amazing coffee, convenient online ordering, and broad product selection. ☕👌
Oct 20, 2023